Full Service Bucket Truck Service in Huntsville, AL

Bucket truck - Electric K in Huntsville, AL
Bucket truck service - Electrician K in Huntsville, AL
Bucket truck wiring service - Electric K in Huntsville, AL
Too high for a ladder, or too complicated for a climber? K Electric in Huntsville, AL, offers complete bucket truck service so you can maintain lighting, signage, electrical poles, and more.
Our team features both a full-service high-reaching bucket truck, complete with electrical supplies and equipment, and a Master Electrician, so there's no job we can't handle.
Bucket truck wiring service - Electric K in Huntsville, AL

Electrical Sign Maintenance, Installation

Is your light burnt out? Is your sign dirty or hard to see? Let K Electric maintain and upgrade your signage. From regular maintenance and repairs, to upgrades and modifications, we can help.

Stadium Lights and Outdoor Lighting

From bulb and ballast changes, to feature upgrades, our technicians can get to those high places other people can't reach.

LED Upgrades

New LED lighting can be installed or retrofitted onto existing signage or lightpoles. LED lighting is brighter, more energy efficient, and requires less maintenance than traditional lighting or backlighting! Ask us how we can make your business appear brighter.

Banners and Signage

Need someone to hang or take down banners across your property or area? K Electric makes it easy. Our bucket truck is versatile and fast, able to get around your property with ease and access those hard-to-reach places.

Call K Electric today at (256) 527-5682 to put us on the job.